Checklists can also be so long and complicated that they become self-defeating. You can draw up a comprehensive list before heading to the supermarket, and then come home and find you forgot to get the coffee. But what checklists do accomplish is they get us to focus on things that are most likely to trip us up. Over time, preventing the most common errors will have the biggest impact on our lives. Perhaps most important, checklists are one of humanity’s oldest tools to combat our blindspots and our arrogance. The humble checklist reminds us of the importance of humility because, in the end, we’re only human.

Shankar Vedantam, Tara Boyle, Renee Klahr via The Trick To Surviving A High-Stakes, High-Pressure Job? Try A Checklist

I’ve become an ardent support of Notifier for Reddit, soon to be renamed,

The service currently supports providing notifications when posts on Reddit show up with specific keywords. In addition, other features that have been added over the last year include:

  • String matching with support for Boolean Operators (AND, OR)
  • Case sensitive or insensitive string matching
  • Find only posts, only comments, or both
  • Include or exclude a list of subreddits from your results
  • Notifications within 30 seconds of the event occurring on Reddit
  • Regular Expressions Support
  • Notifications via Email or Webhook
  • Follow a post and get notified of all recent comments