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Mozilla/ Firefox

No matter how passionate I am about using Microsoft products, it seems that Internet Explorer has pushed me to a point where using it continues to affect my productivity.

I first gave Mozilla a chance to change my browsing experience in 2002. This was at a time when Mozilla 1.3 first showed up on the map and alas I was quite disappointed. However, after giving Firefox a test run earlier this year it seems that there’s finally a product that doesn’t force you to purchase a product (Opera) nor one that constrains you to the development cycle of another operating system (Longhorn). Consider some of the features:

– Pop up blocking
– Tabbed browsing
– Integrated Google search
– Spyware prevention

As a side note, many of these features will soon be available in Internet Explorer either through Windows XP Service Pack 2 or through the MSN Toolbar.

For those willing to take a chance, I strongly recommend Firefox and if you’re kind enough to help guide the Internet Explorer team, you can also send feedback directly to the team at the Internet Explorer Feedback Wiki.

You may download Firefox at the Firefox Product and Download Page