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Browser Helper Objects

Why should you be concerned of Browser Helper Objects (BHOs)? A Browser Helper Object, or BHO, is just a small program that runs automatically every time you start your Internet browser. Usually, a BHO is installed on your system by another software program. (Source: BHODemon 1.0)

A recent incident covered by SANS indicates that certain BHOs are designed to be malicious in nature and are even capable of logging keystrokes when a user visits a site of choice (e.g. financial sites).

With the increasing amount of spyware, we now have to ensure that the BHOs are beneficial. For example, the popular Google toolbar is often considered to be a helpful BHO.

With Windows XP Service Pack 2, you can now easily view the various BHOs that are installed with or without your permission. However, if you’re looking for a tool that will ease the identification of BHOs in other operating systems, check out BHODemon 1.0.

Download BHODemon 1.0