Archive | July, 2004

Update: Broadcast Message

Earlier in the month, I had posted a request for various tools or products that would enable a message to be broadcast to various clients across a network. In the past few weeks, I’ve been testing MessagePal, WiredRed’s e/pop and RealPop.

Office 2003 Service Pack 1

The Office 2003 Service Pack 1 can be downloaded from the Office Update site. According to ActiveWin, new features include:

Calendar logging in Outlook

Access Wizard file updates are built into the main service pack

Performance improvements in Project Server

Org chart and printing fixes in Visio

Charting and function improvements in Excel

Improved Mail Merge capability with RTF docs in Word

Bug that could cause CAB files to be removed from the \MSOCache folder is fixed

Improved alert message for FileOpen failures caused by out of date Norton AntiVirus software

Security and stability fixes that have been addressed

On Switching to Cingular

I just ported my number from AT & T Wireless to Cingular Wireless. I knew that Cingular was set to buy AT & T, but couldn’t resist a really good deal. However, after cancelling my plan and committing to a 2 year contract with Cingular, I suddenly find myself having to deal with dropped calls and limited coverage areas. Nevertheless, I did get a Samsung P107 Camera Phone – a temporary device until the new Smartphones or PocketPCs hit the US market.

@ Microsoft

The first Nelson family member has just joined the Microsoft Global Support Group.

Blogger Updates

It looks like Blogger has upgraded the feature set for blog authors. Check out the new rich text toolbar.