Symantec’s Omnipresence

According to a CNET article, Symantec has just aquired TurnTide. (TurnTide is a Pennsylvania based company that specializes in filtering out unwanted mail at the router level.)

In May, Symantec acquired BrightMail, a company that sold software to fight spam. Other aquisitions include PowerQuest, On Technoglogy, Safeweb, Nexland, Recourse Technologies,
Riptech, Security Focus, Mountain Wave, AXENT, 20/20 Software, L-3 Network Security, URLabs, Quarterdeck, Binary Research (Ghost).

Is Symantec proliferating your network?

Unisys Stories

Just heard that Unisys shares dropped 15% on the warning that they would not meet prior forecasts.

I interned at Unisys last year and definitely felt that the company offered the end to end solution from hardware/ software to outsourcing. Sadly, it seems that the company has trouble distinguishing itself from other consulting offerings.

The stock plunge as reported by is a bit strange since the company has just been ramping up a strong portfolio of security related services (i.e ePresence Security Services and Baesch Computer Consulting).

Unisys announced today that its second quarter earning slid by 63% and earned 19.4 million dollars, or six cents a share, on revenue of 1.4 billion dollars.

Quixtar, Amway …

Is anyone else bothered by the various people promoting Quixtar (Amway)? Today, for the first time, someone actually emailed me with the similar personal sales pitch. At this point, it’s bordering on the line of annonying.

This blog entry is work in progress as I’m going to collect links and resources on how to tackle the Quixtar campaign.

Identifying a Quixtar Solicitation

Email typically arrives from [email protected]

Quixtar Investigations

1) Dateline NBC investigation of Quixtar