Steven Singer

Does anyone know who the “I hate Steven Singer” billboard on I-95 in Philadelphia is reffering to?


Thanks to an annonymous comment, the following post from the Philadelphia Weekly provides more information regarding the Steven Singer Jewelers advertisement.

“The sign is part of Steven Singer Jewelers new ad campaign. Inspiration came from local voice actor Dennis Steele, whose vocals have sold everything from Wawa to the Pennsylvania Lottery. As the story goes, Steele bought a ring from the jewelers for his wife of 23 years. The rock was extremely well received. Nine months later the Steele family included a baby girl. Steele dropped by the shop to share his success story and blame Steven Singer for all the sleepless nights associated with a baby. Singer took the backhanded compliment and made it the focal point of the new reverse-psychology ad campaign. “Children’s ‘I HATE STEVEN SINGER’ T-shirts will be given out in the store beginning in April,” says Laurel Fairworth, a spokesperson for the jeweler. The marketing plans also include another billboard on I-95 north at Pattison Avenue. ”

Source: Philadelphia Weekly

YSOD (Yellow Screen of Death)

I was reading a post on Rob Howard’s blog and picked up some new .NET jargon. Ever heard of the Yellow Screen of Death? If you have, perhaps you share the same sentiments when I say that sometimes you almost wish for the good old Blue Screen of Death.

After starting work on a new .NET application, the friendly yellow screen has become increasingly familiar. If only I could hit Ctrl-Alt-Del and somehow know that the application would restart.