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Apreso Classroom

Have you heard of Apreso? If you haven’t perhaps I might be able to shed some light on how this product is revolutionizing classroom education.

Apreso is a company that specializes in classroom education. They have two products, Apreso for PowerPoint and Apreso Online. In the former, the goal is to capture the audio/visual interaction of the professor alongwith the corresponding PowerPoint presentation that would typically be given in a class room setting. Once created, a student can view the presentation online and simultaneously listen and see the professor. With Apresso Online, the product captures the audio experience in the classroom alongwith all the actions that happen on the instructor’s computer .

While I may not be a fan of online education, the one hour demonstration on the product was a clear insight to how education is changing. For example, consider a statistic where in a single week during the Summer Session, the Fox School of Business was capturing over 2,000 minutes of classroom education.

Demonstrations of the product are available online.