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The Webhost4life Story

It appears that Webhost4life is rapidly declining in its service uptime guarantee and quality of service as well. While the provider has been an excellent hosting company over the last two years, the past week has trully been brutal, especially relating to the following issues:

1) After the recent upgrade to Windows 2003, all my database driven applications stopped working. This was particularly annonying considering that the SQL server that I was asked to switch to did not even resolve to the correct IP address.

2) Site statistics from the time the upgrade was completed until early Monday morning have apparently been lost due to log file corruption. While this issue may be minor for certain sites, this has been a particularly large loss for my site, primarily because the statistics help with filing requests for certain grant applications.

3) All .NET based applications did not retain their settings, as a result, any Forums or Blogs running on the site have not been working since early last week.

After searching Technorati for other blog feeds, I came across some other pretty bad stories of how Webhost4life treats their customers. For example, the following post by Wim clearly defines the typical response from the Webhost4life support team.