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Steven Singer

Does anyone know who the “I hate Steven Singer” billboard on I-95 in Philadelphia is reffering to?


Thanks to an annonymous comment, the following post from the Philadelphia Weekly provides more information regarding the Steven Singer Jewelers advertisement.

“The sign is part of Steven Singer Jewelers new ad campaign. Inspiration came from local voice actor Dennis Steele, whose vocals have sold everything from Wawa to the Pennsylvania Lottery. As the story goes, Steele bought a ring from the jewelers for his wife of 23 years. The rock was extremely well received. Nine months later the Steele family included a baby girl. Steele dropped by the shop to share his success story and blame Steven Singer for all the sleepless nights associated with a baby. Singer took the backhanded compliment and made it the focal point of the new reverse-psychology ad campaign. “Children’s ‘I HATE STEVEN SINGER’ T-shirts will be given out in the store beginning in April,” says Laurel Fairworth, a spokesperson for the jeweler. The marketing plans also include another billboard on I-95 north at Pattison Avenue. ”

Source: Philadelphia Weekly

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  1. Thank you for (posting) asking this question… it was driving me nuts wondering who Steven Singer was, and why he was hated so much. I have seen, that they did post another billboard, up on the I95.
    Once again ty for asking about Steven Singer!

  2. I see that sign every time I go to my OB/GYN appt. I’m 30 weeks pregnant and can, now, enjoy the meaning of the sign.


  4. I have been seeing the billboard for a long time now, not knowing what it meant. Now that I know, in seems like a waste af advertising effort if no one even recognizes the name. The campaign has to be a complete failure.

  5. Who needs Stephen Singer? A Rude, obnoxiou and a pushy sales person intimidated my fiancee and she abruptly left the store, leaving me stuttering to the the salesman.

  6. I was in Italy recently, and a guy asked me – “Joe, you’re from Philly, right? Who the f**k is Stephen Singer?”. Apparently it’s an international phenomenon…

  7. From what I heard, it wasn’t Steven Singer who started it. It was a dissatisfied customer. The customer apparently told Steven Singer that he was rude and obnouxious and that if she didn’t get what she wanted and an apology, that she was going to announce it on a billboard on I-95. She said that she would rather pay the $500 to put it up there, so that no one else would be mislead by this man.

    He apparantly laughed at the woman and told her that it would backfire on her and to go ahead and waste her money. So she did, and he turned it into his own ad campaign.

    That’s at least the story that I heard. Honestly, it sounds better than they made it up themselves. It sounds like a “True Philadelphian Story”. Us Philadelphian’s are rough, tough, and LIVE to make something backfire in your face.

  8. Seriously, whatever the hell it means- whether it’s a stupid reverse psychology thing on the jeweler’s part, or whether it is someone actually taking time to do it, it’s very annoying. Even more so if it’s the jewelers way of advertising. Just for the pure fact that it confuses me everytime I see it, I wouldn’t shop at Steven Singer now, or in the future. Ridicules.

  9. Don’t you think it’s time to take the billboard down? Enough already!!!! I don’t even live in Philly and have only had a few ocassions to pass it in the last year and it’s still there!!!! Come on now, you must be obnoxious…take it down!!!!

  10. the ad would be a lot more effective if the website went somewhere.

    sounds like a dumbass idea anyway.

  11. My kids wanted to know who Steven Singer was each time we went to the Jersey Shore. Now that we read the explaination, I am trying to explain to them that this person must be a complete idiot.

  12. thanks for exlpaining this, it was confusing the hell out of me the other week when I was driving back to New Jersey

  13. It sure is getting a lot of attention. In fact I just saw another similar billboard show up near the Philadelphia International Airport. This is similar to the ‘Got Dumped’ billboards from The Dump. Has anyone seen those?

  14. It is definitely eye catching.I was coming home from Williamsburg,Virginia and passing through Philly……….WHAM there’s the I had to check into it and thought He must be a really unpopular guy. I don’t think it’s good or positive advertising. Dave Condit,Fairfield,CT.

  15. My friends and I all laugh very loudly whenever we pass this billboard. You see, my husband’s name also happens to be Steven Singer, so until we heard the explanation, it looked like someone went an awfully long way to tell my husband he was disliked. We live in NYC so we don’t see it often, but every now and again someone new sees it while traveling and we have a good laugh over it.

  16. Hate to tell you but as you come from Rt. 70 in Jersey into Philly.. there is another one. Just popped up this week.

  17. While it gets your attention and makes you want to know what it is…what the hell is the point when the damned website doesn’t exist?? If it did and it went to the jeweler’s site, it would be genius. But this is just stupid! Someone somewhere f*ed up.

  18. I finally can rest now that I know… and I would have to say that it is, quite possibily, the most inane and asinine advertising technique. I think I do hate Steven Singer.

  19. its hilarious! i definitely think the website should go somewhere, but i think that with the story, the advertising is absolutely intriguing! i’ll shop there!

  20. I wondered what the hell all that was about. I pass that sign twice every monday and always wondered who the hell Staven Singer is. My mother said that she thought he was a jewler for some reason, but I had no idea. Turns out she was right…. go figure.

    The website dosen’t exist though, the person is just wasting their money by posting that URL there. At least they can create a freewebs or xanga page explaining it… ohh well.

  21. The place is a total sham. Service sucked, mall type jewelry, ridiculous prices. If you shop around on Jewelers Row, youll do alot better.

  22. steven singer is GAY, just the whole idea of this thing, makes me not want to shop there at all. not that i could afford that crap.

  23. The website should go somewhere what a waste of time… I think that it is a pretty crafty advertising ploy and it seemed to have worked because we all know who he is and went threw all this work just to find out and posted about it. Whether we like him or not we know just who he is and what he sells. IT DOES WORK! But I don’t think he should put that on kids shirts (I hate Steven Singer!).

  24. You should be ashamed thats just a waiste of space…its an embbarrassment to my self to say i live in Philedelphia…for now on when i drive by im gonna have to close my eyes b/c of how ashamed i am…Stephen Singer pshh more like Smelly Singer HA!…..

    GO BIRDSSSSSS I LOVE YOUUU…not Steve singer

  25. now u no what a good sign would be…I LOVE KY KYYY..HES MY HERO…He plays great Defenseeee HA…PHILLIES SUCK

  26. Place is a ripoff! I bought a ring that this place quoted me more than $2000.00!!!!! Guess some fool has to pay for his ads.

  27. Well, I see that sign every time i travel to Philadelphia. I must say, that I have been seeing it for QUITE some time. But only RECIENTLY have i felt the need to type in the address (it’s pretty SIMPLE: But… Alas, there is nothing there. (A simple google search on “i hate steven singer” has led me here). Reguardless of this persons feelings toward “Steven Singer” and his/their jewelry, the sign makes no sense. Directing me to a website that doesn’t exist. I hate the person who put it up!!

    Personly, I hate Bam! Totally ruined my hometown. I can’t go anywhere and Say “Oh, I’m from West Chester Pa” and not get the classic “OH DO YOU KNOW BAM AND THE GUYS FROM JACKASS?!”. Doesn’t make me want to put a sing up tho.

    Maybe, by following the trend, i should put a sign up that states: “I hate that stupid Steven Singer bilboard” and be done with it.

  28. My friend & I pass this damn thing every time we go to see our Eagles. It was driving us nuts! Thank you for some sort of explanation…& I guess the board is working, in one way or another.


  30. I knew who Steven Singer was and I just thought that an unhappy customer with a lot of money was behind that billboards!
    Very Smart!!

  31. Dude, Bam Margera and the guys from Jackass are the best!! I would be stoked if i was from west chester. He didn’t ruin your town, he made it awesome!

    Steven Singer’s ads are made me extremely curious, but after checking the site its disappointing. But it was good none the less.

  32. GREAT Marketing! It is making everyone who see’s it try to find out who this poor guy is!! I was driving to NJ from DC and thought wow, poor guy, I wonder what he did to deserve that!

    This campaigan is Genious!!

  33. I thinks it’s hilarious and genius, i pass it everyday on my way to work, and i applaud the person who put it there, i doubt it’s the jeweler, considering the link would bring you to their website if it was a brillant marketing ploy, but considering it leads nowhere….I tend to believe this was INDEED one unhappy customer….Steven Singer ….hope ya learn a lesson….

  34. I honestly thought it was a WWF or whatever its called now (Pro Wrestling) type of thing. I used to watch wrestling years ago and thought it a pretty good campaign for pro wrestling. Tell you what, the guy who was left with the salesman just stuttering after his fiancee was offended, come on over to Jersey and we’ll show you what you should have done! I wouldn’t have been stuttering, I would have been arrested.

  35. I saw the sign for the first time today. I know a Steven Singer. I just sent your blog site to his wife. Hilarious!

  36. That sign was pissing me off every time I saw it riding home from school, I could never remember the URL then I found out the meaning…

    That was a waste of how ever much money it costed to put up. And it was a complete waste of everyones time because in no way does the ad say anything about a jewelry shop.

  37. This guy wasn’t thinking about anyone else who might have this name,my brother’s name is Steve Singer, & I don’t think it is very nice.

  38. I’m really disappointed to find out what that sign really means. My wife and I were hopeing that it was a sign from a former girlfriend and the website was going to dish out some dirt about this creep

  39. WTF?! I’m thinking that Steven Singer Jewelers need to FIRE THEIR AD AGENCY!! That’s the worst ad ever!!!

  40. I had heard that Steven Singer also owns the record label that
    Knuckle Sandwich records for. (and Green Day before they went huge)
    The jewelry business is just a money laundering scam. he also sets up Texas Hold Em tournaments in Iraq

  41. I believe it’s from an unhappy customer and wouldn’t shop there. So your advertising scheme if that is really what’s behind this sucks.

  42. For the brief moment I have been
    passing these annoying signs I was intregued and contemplated how they came to be.
    How dissapointing to finally discover the bull crap really
    behind them. Now I just want them
    to go away. Maybe I can pay the
    sign company $1000 to trash them. Anyone else interested in contributing?

  43. I just saw that stupid sign on I95. My wife hates that too. This is the first time i checked the website, and then searched that fkin Steven Singer and found this page. Thanks for the explanation.

  44. Pretty ingenious campaign. Look at all the people commenting on this blog. Love it or hate it, it generates “buzz” about a company, gets them press (FREE ADVERTISING), and helps their search engine rankings…

    i’m new in PA and prob won’t shop there, but I hadn’t ever heard of them before and now i have. That’s a good step in reaching your audience.

  45. FINALLY, i was wondering wtf those ads were, i just figured it was some pissed off customer. Bad advertising tho cause now that name has negative connotation in my mind. I thought i saw a wesbite on the board saying but it didnt work.

  46. I f*ing hate steven singer. I knew him in high school, he was a gay cowboy. He was a tool back then too. Jewelery sucks. But on a positive note, I did sex up his girlfriend back in high school. She said he sucked in bed.

  47. well, thank goodness i know now. it was driving me crazy everytime i drove up north. but why doesn’t the web site work?

  48. Thank the LORd I finally know the meaning of the Steven Singer billboard. The first time I saw it,me and my mom really wanted to know what the website was.So I went home and looked it up ,the website didn’t work.What’s with that? Now I know the website doesn’t exsist. Please don’t make anymore stupid billboards, with non-exsisting websistes.

  49. Steven Singer’s ad is apparentlly doing something whether that is making you go to his store or not because you’ll all talking about him. I think its a great way to get attention. All of your “hate posts” are giving Mr. Singer the attention he wants and needs for his business. People read what you write and want to see the man himself. Good job for giving him the publicity he needs! Good job Mr. Singer i hope the ad helps your business.

  50. I think this is the stupidest thing i have ever seen it has no point and a better billboard could be there!

  51. I hate walking by his store and seeing all of the ‘i hate steven singer’ decals in the windows. It just looks stupid. Makes me avoid the place because it seems cheap and mall like. I went in almost every other jewelery store on that jewelers row but I avoided his. IT just screamed crappy.

  52. I thought it was a negative ad campaign for a punk rock group, or one like Alice Cooper. They wasted their money, and from the comments the sign reflects what everyone should feel about this flea market trinket store.

  53. steven singer is a douchebag

    that billboard is gay and im gonna burn it down or maybe deface it in the next few months

  54. OMFG…..that is lame sack of crap….that billboard is the most annoying thing in the world! The only billboard on 95 that is worth my time is the one with the car hanging on it….lol…..And to you above me….you should burn it down, i don’t think anyone will miss it…..

  55. All of you are a bunch of toolbags for responding to this crap. Get a life, do any of you have jobs. This is the first and last time I will be responding to something like this So please just go back to watching your soap operas and leave all of the rest of us working individuals alone.

    Go Cowboys!!!

  56. wow i finally understand that billboard…..i think it is so stupid to have it up there though…its just wasting space…a better billboard should be there.

  57. Finally, an answer. I was curious after passing the billboards several times and decided to check it out. I don’t shop in Phila. so I really don’t care!

  58. It’s a bad idea either way you look at it; most Customers would probaly avoid the store b/c someone was obviously so dissatisfied that they paid for a billboard (they cost alot more than $500)

  59. Why would anyone try to use the word HATE in all caps to do anything positive? Why does Philadlephia allow anyone to advertise HATE on a billboard that way? Would we allow anyone else to defame eachother by name on a billboard? This makes Philadelphia look bad, the sign should come down, before it sets a precedent for political mudslinging … oh wait, we already do that in Philly too.

  60. i thought wow, someone must really hate steven singer and then i went by his store and me and my gay lover were like, wut the heck, this man has totally gone overboad

  61. I wish the billboard was put up by an unhappy customer. I noticed a lot of new graffiti on I-476. I wish the graffiti artists would deface the Steven Singer billboard.

  62. I thought it was a girl who hated her ex boyfriend and wanted everyone to know. I like my idea better than the real story.

  63. my response to the steven singer web site:

    I was friends with someone name Steven Slinger (with an L)
    whon accidently drowned some 18 years ago. several of his friends were stunned to see the billboard on I 95. I do not know what his family though of it but most likly brought back a lot of pain and grief.,

  64. in the car to philly i saw that sign and since then i’ve been wondering who the hell he is and then last night i was watching the wing bowl on tv and i saw them giving away something that said i hate steven singer since i was home i decided to come to the website because i always forget. I was very mad that there was nothing there because it was a complete waste of my time. i think if ur going to advertise something u should at least have a website that’s going to advertise ur product

  65. I thought that there was a girlfriend who broke up with some guy and posted it on the BillBoard to make him pissed off lol i guess it wasnt i was shocked when i saw the other sign i was huh i guess it wasnt his exgirlfriend.

  66. Obviously a disgruntled girlfriend or customer started it. Steve Singer decided to ‘spin’ his own story and capitalize on it. Not a bad business move! Look at all the attention he stirred! And look at me – I got sucked into it too!!!!! The guy is a marketing genious. But, just out of principle (since I was suckered in, just like the rest of you) I’ll make it a point not to buy jewelry at his store.

  67. It seems so silly to care so much. It is a dumb sign, I suppose, but the advertising might be effective if the company were to follow up. I agree, I like the exgirlfriend story. We Philadelphians have nothing better to freak out about than this, I guess, haha.

  68. I like the sign. If you ever listen to Preston & Steve on WMMR, their ads are hilarious for why they hate Steven Singer.

  69. I am in advertising and think the ad is quite good. I have also been a customer at the store and was very satisfied.

  70. I’m the Steve Singer NO ONE HATES !

    Our business is creating paper and materials for use in color ink jet printers. We manufacture inexpensive fun products … Our Imagination Gallery is filled with arts and crafts paper and materials.

    But I have to admit … If I lived in Philly, instead of Chicago .. I would definately shop at Steven Singer Jewelery.

    This is one fine advertising campaign … especially since by friends out East keep calling me to find out who I’ve “ticked” off !


  72. Never knew what it meant but…to each his own….I guess you have to try and make money anyway you can.Got to pay the bills.

  73. I think its funny. And i agree that the add is kinda a waste if you dont know what its for (i didnt till i tried the website (which btw doesnt work!))… but think about it this way…it must be doing SOMETHING if all the people on this site took their time to google “i hate stephen singer”

  74. This was one of the most brilliant ad campaigns ever launched. How many of you now know about Steven Singer and his business because of the billboards? Whether you hate it or you love it the brand is now in your head- exactly the point of all advertising efforts. He left the billboards annonymous for a long period to keep everyone’s attention and then put on the website link. Excellent work (btw- the website is down because it’s under construction).

  75. retarded, Ya so I know what it is now, congradulations on making some publicity. I will never shop there or buy jewelry from this place. Such a waste of advertisment, publicity is not always a good thing.

  76. Stupid dude who was curious

    I agree with the statement below.

    “While it gets your attention and makes you want to know what it is…what the hell is the point when the damned website doesn’t exist?? If it did and it went to the jeweler’s site, or if it went to the person’s site that was mad, then it would be genius. But this is just stupid! Someone somewhere f*ed up.”

  77. Stupid dude who was curious

    I guess both are true

    “While it gets your attention and makes you want to know what it is…what the hell is the point when the damned website doesn’t exist?? If it did and it went to the jeweler’s site, or if it went to the person’s site that was mad, then it would be genius. But this is just stupid! Someone somewhere f*ed up.”

    “This was one of the most brilliant ad campaigns ever launched. How many of you now know about Steven Singer and his business because of the billboards? Whether you hate it or you love it the brand is now in your head- exactly the point of all advertising efforts. He left the billboards annonymous for a long period to keep everyone’s attention and then put on the website link. Excellent work (btw- the website is down because it’s under construction).”

  78. Wow. Always wondered what it meant. The fact that the address “” doesn’t lead you to the website of the jewelry store leads me to believe that the billboard was not put up by the company. You’d think that if they spent the money to put up a billboard, it would go somewhere. It may be under construction, as suggested, and that would make sense. But if not,who else would be behind it? I think the first explanation is cute- the guy who got married and had a baby and “hates” Steven Singer for the sleepless nights. Hell of a way to thank your jeweler. Created quite a stir for him. And I’m sure quite a lot of business.
    Either way, it works.

  79. Longtime Ex-Girlfriend A Different Steven Singer

    Just saw the billboard coming home to NJ with my hubby and daughter from a family visit in Philly. My husband and I glared slack-jawed for a moment, then burst out laughing. You see, I once had a boyfriend named Steven Singer, and we were still friends when hubby and I hooked up, and though we weren’t in touch for some years, we recently exchanged some emails. It wasn’t a totally comfortable situation for hubby. He would never say he hates “my” Steven Singer, but seeing the words up there big as life on a billboard on I-95, the white words against the dark billboard in the night sky, sure was funny! As to Steven Singer jewelers, as another responder put it, Who Cares?

  80. I am from PA and moved to Tampa 2 years ago. I fly into the PHL airport about once a month and every time I fly I wonder about that damn sign. I personally don’t like the ad because it says nothing about jewelry. However, it obviously IS a good marketing scheme as you can see how many people wanted to know, “WHO IS STEVEN SINGER?”

  81. I first saw the silly billboard last week on Route 73 in NJ, not having been in Philly in months. I figured it was some sort of stupid vanity about somebody I would never know and never want to know – and hey, I’m right. What a dumb-a$$ excuse of an ad.

  82. thats retarded. theres no point in having a sign up for advertising when nobody knows what its for. i took my girlfriend there to buy her a valentine’s day present last year and we were chased out of the shop by rabid dogs. steven singer sux!

  83. in this day & age when a web address can be bought for about $30 and then redirected to an existing domain, for the URL to NOT WORK is an extremely poor use of advertising space. Yes, we’re all here complaining about the billboard, but how few have bothered to go to the jeweler’s website? I know I didnt. The ad agency definately dropped the ball on this one & the only way to save it, in my opinion, would be to drop this campaign & move on to something done more professionally.

  84. This is Tim Riggi. Timothy Riggi. Here’s what i say. Lets get serious. This sign must be stopped. It’s destroying peoples lives. I can’t sleep, i can’t eat thinking about that old sign. I drives me so crazy. God. I can’t really take it. Why doesn’t somebody stop it. I would give anything just for somebody, or something, to hide that sign in a place where no one could ever find it. Will the pain ever stop. Can it be stopped?

  85. my husband bought me a ring. When I got it appraised it came back $800 less than what my husband paid. WE WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS AGAIN WITH SINGER!!!!

  86. A billboard like that costs more then $500. A space like that, prime locale, is more than $3,000/month. It’s been up over a year? Somebody is making GOOD money with this. And I always thought ad people were the lowest form of human intelligence (think Quiznos’ “talking baby” ads).

  87. Absolutely pointless. As someone else said, if only the website went somewhere. I think it’s time to get a new ad campaign.

  88. What a ridiculous piece of advertising! There is now another billboard eastbound on the PA Turnpike right before the Philadelphia exit. To think that these people pay big bucks for such stupid advertisement—they must have more money than brains!

  89. I just drove to New Jersey on the weekend with friends and we saw the billboard. We were thinking that it was an angry ex-girlfriend that really hated steven singer. I was expecting to find a website of some girl bashing a guy….

  90. Was attempting to make a trip to N/W PA from NJ; however, a trip that normally takes about six hours, would have taken all night as due to traffic and construction, we had been on the road for six hours, and had only made it as far at I80. Finally turned around to drive back to NJ, and while driving back…I see that sign. Have seen it before, but decided to actually look it up. I knew he owned jewerly store, but was very curious as to why someon hated him. There must be more to it, there has to be.

  91. Happy July 4th, people. By the way, I aslo think Steven Singer is a total and complete jerk! I needed to find a ring for my daughter who was having a sweet sixteen the next day, but the salesman was a total f**khead to me. I’m not kidding! So now, whenever I pass the billboard, which is a lot, in my head I say “F**k you, Steven Singer!”

  92. billboardgossipwhore

    I saw the sign yesterday on my way to Jersey. I so totally wanted to be directed to a website that would explain what kind of demented crap had driven some poor girl to post a billboard about her scumbag ex, but alas…I find nothing except a blog to bitch about my own impotent curiosity.
    Satisfying and yet not.

    Gee, imagine how much publicity he’d get if it said- “Steven Singer Is A Scumbag!” Much more fun to read while driving down the turnpike at rush hour.

  93. as for the billboard I think it sucks,,,,,,,,,,someone should tell him that its not a way to win friends and influence people ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Ibet he failed Commerical studies in high school for advertisement. Get rid of the bill board

  94. So I was driving up the Jersey Turnpike today, and I see the billboard. I say to myself, “Who the hell is Steven Singer?” So I go and check the website, it doesn’t exist. I google’d it and I found this site. Reverse psychology. I’m from Bergen County, NJ, so there is no way I’m gonna drive 90 miles to that store anyway!

  95. I saw the sign at least ten times on the Pa. Turnpike. I finally remembered the name and checked it out. Curiosity almost killed this cat.

  96. I’m so sick of Steven Singer that I peed in the doorway of their store. Should have has a skunk do it instead!

  97. I got my engagement ring from Steven Singer and they were great. Not only was the salesman courteous, he was patient with my fianceé and made sure that he got the best for his money. I love my engagement ring and I LOVE STEVEN SINGER!!!

  98. my wife and i were driving back from pa and saw the sighn, knowing now what it is all about, we are glad we live in nj, and dont have stupid sighns like that here, think of something better to advertise! i love you pookie!!

  99. Thank you! I passed that this weekend and was wondering what that was about.

    Actually, I think it’s pretty stupid. Glad it’s on the Pa SIDE..- LOL

  100. Quite frankly Steve Singer must be doing something right. Ive been up at 2:30 in the morning for 20 minutes reading everyones posts. If anyone here says anything like Steve Singer didnt do well in advertising in Highschool or anything like that quit life. The man has almost 150 posts of people, mainly angry that they found themselves wasting time finding out who this man is, and what he is about. Hey, im angry to find out that it was some reverse-phsycology crap, personally, I believe it was just an angry customer. Steve Singer, I will never buy from you, mainly because I was another curios idiot finding myself on your site. What im trying to say is, I agree with the guy that said he took a leak on the doorway (By the way, some of you have to learn how to spell)

  101. I finally found out who Steven Singer is, and i think its really stupid. it would be so much better if you could actually get on the website. I am never shopping there, because they made me waste my time finding out who it is!

  102. What a ridiculous ad campaign. I must have passed those signs more times than i can count but never remembered to check the site when i got home , until now. Was kinda hoping to find something more exciting , however. Oh well.
    Yes the billboard is getting LOTS of attention, but i don’t think it was the kind that was expected.

  103. i think they got exactly what they wanted. A few curious people, Pissed off afterwards or not, and you will tell others just in conversation. Then they look and so on. but i really wish it was about some scum back whose ex decided to mess with

  104. It’s not only the billboards – the Metro once in a while has this ad sticking out the top of the paper.

    Annoying billboard, but not the stupidest. How ’bout that one with the two cows wanting us to eat more “chikin”? What, these bovines are intelligent enough to read and write and use a paint roller but too dumb to know how to spell “chicken”?

  105. I know at least 15 people who no longer work for Steven Singer who hate him and for good reason. He is not a nice person.

  106. Sick of Stupid Billboards

    I too was one to pass these stupid ass signs for a while now wondering what they meant. And now that I know, I agree with most of the comments I’ve read above! This guy’s an idiot and if he thinks annoying the shit out of the public is going to lure us into his store he’s sadly mistaken! I’d rather visit the BIGGER idiot with the diamond in his beard than this jerkoff. Thanks for wasting my time and distracting me from driving on I-95. I much rather enjoyed the two cows from Chick-fil-a…

  107. Steven Singer is a slithering, slimy, snake oil salesman. I purchased a diamond pendant from this freak show carnival, got it appraised and it was 4 color grades lower than represented! You should have seen the salesman flopping on the floor like a fish when I went back there to complain. I got my money back after they made a lame attempt to try and justify their “HONEST” mistake. What a waste of time. I bought from one of the smaller stores where they had REAL jewelers with REAL jewelry. Don’t bother with this jerkoff, P.T. Barnum is more reputable than this putz. Let some other sucker pay for your lame ass ads.

  108. The best place to shop for Bling is Pratico’s in Trenton, NJ. It’s a family business, been there for years. The old man passed on but the kids took over and have more stores. Original Shop was in a basement, on Lalor St. Fair prices and honest value, gave rise to the saying ” Phil Pratico Jewelers, Step down a little to save a lot ” Which IMHO is an Ad that makes sense.

  109. lol i love the way you guys are falling for Stevens Singer campaign-just TYPEing HERE is giving him what he wants! i appolaud the man. what a genous!!


  110. this is crazy haha… i think the billboard definetly brings a lot of attention whatever its purpose is meant to be. i went home and googled it and found it here, because it was bothering me so much lol

  111. I believe the ad is remarkable ceative. How can you say otherwise, look at all the feedback it has gotten. More power to him!

  112. I have been hearing the DJs on Q102 saying this and I kept wondering why people were hating on this person so much. I finally get why now. It’s cute. LOL 😀

  113. lets be real here. yeah i was curious I wanted to know who the hell he was but for the guy who said he’s a genius for this ad your crazy it takes more then curiosity to create business. Take me for example i had no idea who he was, If i would have never heard of this and one day walked passed his store i would have gone in but now i got curious googled him and read all the complaints about him and his staff so theres no way in hell i’ll ever go in there. If it really was a pissed off customer then they got what they wanted cuz now everyone is sharing there I hate steven singer stories.

  114. we were wondering also about the black background billboard on I-95 and why this guy was hated so much! thx for the insight!

  115. haha thanks combat wombat for fixing my gramatical errors- when you spelled MAN wrong, this is by far the most embarrasing. anyways. steve singer is gay.

    he’s a legit-homosexual.

  116. I think it is a genius idea … great PR … they are thinking with the times. When you a regular sign probably just drive right past not giving it a second though but when you see that sign your like who is that…then you go on the internet and look it up…there you go…now people know who he is and where his jewelry store is.

  117. oh and if your sitting here complaining about a damn sign you need to get a grip.How can it bother you that much? You are all worked up over a SIGN that you drive past for a freakin milasecond on 95…next time just dont look…problem solved

  118. I just watched Monday’s Howard Stern on Demand show and one of the guests was a regular named Will the Farter (he is the champ of all of the various farting contests on the show over the last 5 years) He came in wearing an “I Hate Steven Singer” T-Shirt. He asked to be on the show so he could propose to his girlfriend on the air. She was the only one not in on it. So I see this shirt and immediately search online wondering if this was some local campaign to get some child molester kicked out of a town but instead end up here and find he is a Jeweler from Philly. I guess Will got a discount on the engagement ring(or at least a T-shirt) because he was sporting the shirt on TV. I guess the ad campaign is alive and well and it looks as if they have no plan of ending it soon.

  119. same thing here – saw Will the Farter wearing a “I Hate Steven Singer” t-shirt. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why he would be wearing that shirt when Steven Singer was the one who provided the free ring for Will’s fiance.

  120. My husband and I went into the store, in the beginning the salesman was a little haughty but when I started speaking about diamonds (quality/clarity)he quickly changed his attitude. Its been several years since we purchased my diamond setting but when I see the billboard right away I want to venture to the store for more jewelry.

  121. OKAY so this is a ridiculous web site. Then again so is the store and bill board. Now if I was to put a billboard up for every person that I hate there would be about ehh I would say 200 some? Now the point is no one gives two shits about him (clearly) so basicaly shut up and stop saying you hate them and FREAKING DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!

    Annoyed person who doesnt give a rats ass.

  122. Thanks for putting the signs up on I-95. Now I can explain to my two young kids how idiotic some people can be and how what is thoght to be a good idea can turn out to be a complete and utter example of how things in this country are all ass backwards. I spend hours talking to my kids about how important it is to keep open minded and not to discriminate and not to judge and here comes along some company that does not think about anything but how it will help them. Thanks for the great lesson to my kids! I cannot wait to find out where you live so I can post sign in front of your house for your kids or grandkids or whatever stating how I hate your mother.

  123. the billboards are ruining my children's future!

    reply to ricky bobby’s post:

    try this one: teach your kids to have a sense of humor which you’re clearly never developed. granted, it’s not the best ad i’ve ever heard of (ambiguous at best, especially on the radio), but it’s very mild compared to a lot of the smut out there. get over it ricky bobby.

    the billboards (that i’ve seen) haven’t conveyed discrimination or “hate,” and if you can’t communicate that to your children, then you have a very long road ahead of you. good luck. another great example of your parenting is in your threat of retaliation. wonderful.

    i am, however, really glad i finally figured out who steven singer is, haha.

  124. Somebody should call the guy’s store
    and ask for a correct explanation.
    Pretend that you have 25K for a big
    rock but the sign has put you off a
    bit. See what you get from them. I’m
    from Baltimore but these posts were
    definitely worth it; searching for an
    answer after seeing the thing. If it
    is advertising, Donald Trump uses the
    technique brilliantly every day.

  125. yeah i go to philly once a week and that crap was annoying me cuz i was wondering who this person was as well till i went to the website and saw some stupid jewelers site

  126. i’ve saw that billboard on the higway here in philly at last a hundred times and i wondered about it cause it was written like a rockstar website or something so i went to it and found some jewlery website.i ride pass that billboard everyday and it seems weird how its not posted like a jewelry billboard is so i jus wonder.

  127. I’ve seen the sign every weekend for the last two years when the family and I go to the Jersey shore. The only thought it conjurs up for me is to wish that it would be completely obliterated. It’s a tremendous eye sore!! I’m sick and tired of seeing the highly negative word “HATE” in six foot letters on display for all the world to see. Especially when I have my young daughter with me. It’s the most collossial,infinitesimal & useless piece of space and advertising that exists. Besides the fact that it does not immediately connect the dots to a “jewelery store” (here’s a clue, try Robins Rocks!) makes it an utter advertising faiure. I “clearly” wouldn’t go to that “place”…ever! One last thing. No cute little story about what “meaning” the sign has (or in this case doesn’t have) could ever possibly justify that gigantic piece of garbage. Personally, I want it out of Philadelphia and out of my sight, my wife’s sight and my daughter’s sight!!!! It was wrong in the beginning, is now and will always be. NO ONE will miss it when it’s gone.


  129. This could be the stupidest thing I have ever heard of!!! Even if it is a marketing thing I know that I would never buy jewelry from his store… why would you put a NEGATIVE thought into someones mind if you want them to do business w you??? First impression is the key to selling something, and my first impression of Steven Singer is that hes and a**hole!!! Sorry Steven

  130. Do none of you get SIRIUS radio??? Pull your heads out of the sand and LEAP into 2007. Howard Stern gives this guy plugs daily. And the jewelry company advertises on SIRIUS.

    A sign is not going to ruin childrens lives…give me a F***ING break.

    To those of you who get it…BRILLIANT…to the rest of you…HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH….jokes on you.



  132. I saw this billboard last week while visiting Philadelphia. I too thought it was sponsored by someone who had a bad experience at Steven Singer Jewelry (which, BTW, also sponsors another billboard not 50 feet from the one I saw). Today, out of boredom, I checked the IHATESTEVENSINGER website, hoping to find something fun to read. When I realized I had been suckered, I left the site. Put simply, I have never seen a more ridiculous marketing ploy. It smacks of cheapness. Again, I didn’t spend 30 seconds perusing the Steven Singer site. But, if I had to guess, based on the cheesiness of this ad campaign, I would have to guess that Steven Singer jewelry sells diamond center/jewelry exchange-type crap that uninformed people end up spending way too much for (and end up financing at ridiculous rates). Thankfully, my guy knows that the best presents come in little blue boxes, from a store that does not need to engage in tacky ad campaigns to trick people into visiting its website. Ladies, if the box says Steven Singer on it, ask him to take it back. You deserve better.

  133. I visited family up there 4 times in the past year. I had to ask them who is this Steven Singer? It’s advertising, as stupid as it is, it gets attention. That’s the point right?

  134. i had no idea who this guy was until now and i’ve had one of his engagement rings on my finger for 3 days. i’ll tell ya, iLOVEstevensinger.(dot com?) brilliant ad campaign simply because it has accomplished exactly what it set out to: attention. be it good or bad, every single posting’s author is now aware of the fact that steven singer is a jeweler operating in philadelphia who’s customers are getting laid because the recipient of the jewelery got them that hot. that’s great! theres a link on the website that explains the story behind it all. how can you not have respect for that? jealousy is a waste of time. learn from this ad campaign and go get some booty! you’ll feel a lot better than sitting around lamenting over some ad you weren’t clever enough to come up with yourself. wouldn’t a nice make-out session feel great right now???

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