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Dell Inspiron 1150 experiences slow performance after installing XP SP2

I assisted a client today who was experiencing very sluggish system performance on her Dell Inspiron 1150 after installing Windows XP SP2. After a quick Google/ Dell Forum search it appears that there are multiple people experiencing the same problem. Below are the steps I took to resolve the problem:

– Upgraded BIOS from A04 to A06 by running the BIOS update provided on the Dell Support Site

– Ran Dell’s QuickSet utility to configure the Power Settings for the laptop to be ‘always on’.

– Checked Windows Power Settings to confirm that the power scheme selected was set to something other than Portable/ Laptop

– Reset BIOS settings by pressing Alt + F

Some other recommendations:

– Roll back the processor driver that restores the processor.sys driver over the intelppm.sys installed by XP SP2.