Archive | February, 2005

Technorati Tags

I followed Alex Barnett’s blog post on technorati tags to try and create a tag on .

According to Technorati, a tag can be considered as a category name, so based on this definition I should have the first category or tag on Zambia.

Alex has been using Camtasia Studio to setup his screen casts which definitely looks like something our documentation should be modeled on.

Mac OS X Shortcut Keys

From one of the comments on Michael Hyatt’s blog post is a link to the list of OS X Shortcut keys.

My goal is to try and get up to speed with OS X by the time Tiger is released so that I can join the club of other Mac OS X subject experts at the University.

For now, the most common shortcut keys, as obtained from Paul Stamatiou are listed below:

Command-??Mac Help
Command-A?Select All
Command-D?Duplicates current item
Command-E?Ejects selected volume, media, or server
Command-H?Hide current application
Command-I?Opens Get Info dialog for selected item
Command-J?Toggles View Options Open & Closed
Command-K?Connect to server
Command-L?Creates Alias for selected item
Command-M?Minimize a Finder-folder to Dock
Command-Option-M?Save as above but minimizes all open Finder-folders
Command-N?Opens up new Finder window
Command-O?Opens selected item
Command-W?Closes Finder-folder window
Command-Option-W?Same as above but closes all Finder-folders
Command-Option-Escape Force Quit
Command-Del?Moves selected item to Trash
Command-Shift-A?Opens the applications folder
Command-Shift-N?Creates a new folder in the selected workspace
Command-Shift-Del?Empty Trash
Command-Tab Rotate through open applications and switch to highlighted app