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Mac OS X Shortcut Keys

From one of the comments on Michael Hyatt’s blog post is a link to the list of OS X Shortcut keys.

My goal is to try and get up to speed with OS X by the time Tiger is released so that I can join the club of other Mac OS X subject experts at the University.

For now, the most common shortcut keys, as obtained from Paul Stamatiou are listed below:

Command-??Mac Help
Command-A?Select All
Command-D?Duplicates current item
Command-E?Ejects selected volume, media, or server
Command-H?Hide current application
Command-I?Opens Get Info dialog for selected item
Command-J?Toggles View Options Open & Closed
Command-K?Connect to server
Command-L?Creates Alias for selected item
Command-M?Minimize a Finder-folder to Dock
Command-Option-M?Save as above but minimizes all open Finder-folders
Command-N?Opens up new Finder window
Command-O?Opens selected item
Command-W?Closes Finder-folder window
Command-Option-W?Same as above but closes all Finder-folders
Command-Option-Escape Force Quit
Command-Del?Moves selected item to Trash
Command-Shift-A?Opens the applications folder
Command-Shift-N?Creates a new folder in the selected workspace
Command-Shift-Del?Empty Trash
Command-Tab Rotate through open applications and switch to highlighted app