MSN’s Beta Shopping Site

Andrew Ma talks about MSN’s beta shopping site. To be honest I’ve never used MSN’s shopping services but the new site still doesn’t appeal to me. I wish there was a way to subsribe to an RSS feed from a section such as ‘Heavily Discounted Items’. Furthermore, the site doesn’t really appear to be part of the MSN group of sites. Hopefully more design changes will occur as a result of feedback from the blogosphere.

Xbox Power Cords

Microsoft’s Xbox Power Cord replacement program is all over the news now but what’s kind of strange is that I registered my console and even paid for the extra warranty service but received no mail notification regarding this. If it weren’t for Major Nelson’s blog post regarding this I probably would have missed this issue until later this month.

Either way, if you purchased an Xbox with a manufacture date before October 23, 2003 you may want to order the replacement power cord for free to avoid potential fire hazards.

See Microsoft’s Xbox site for more information.

Things I lost in 2 weeks

2 weeks away from email and a newsreader can sometimes leave you a bit disconnected from what’s happening. Here are some items I was welcomed back to:

– Procter & Gamble’s $57 billion purchase of Gillette. (Will someone please ask them to reduce the price of the blades)

– Superbowl and the various advertisements

DEMO and emerging technologies

– Carly Fiona’s departure from HP

– Mobile phones galore at the 3GSM

– Verizon’s proposed purchase of MCI

Mark Jen’s termination for blogging about Google

The Cell Processor from IBM, Sony and Toshiba

– Mobile Music (I haven’t even caught up with the Portable Media Players movement)

– Call Centers in Africa (About time)

– Various political events too many to list

The Grammy Awards

Ask Jeeves aquisition of Bloglines