Irony of Customer Service

Bad customer service from a country that handles the world’s customer service issues?

My recent trip involved a project trying to sign up for broadband access. I called the local provider and was promised that the connection would be setup within 24 hours as my area was wired for access. 24 hours later I call back and am told that someone will be at my location within an hour. After multiple such false promises, I stop by the provider’s office in person and am told that I have to wait at least 2 weeks before anything can happen. After a heated conversation I walked out stumped that they felt that false promises was just another day in business.

This entire episode took place in India where each call center prides itself on the high level of customer satisfaction. You may be able to train people to speak in American English or how to handle a customer service call, but trying to instill customer service in the culture is a whole other ball game.

Temple University Blogs

I felt it would only be a matter of time before blogging started gaining a higher level of popularity at the university. Some student initiatives such as The Owl Web have offered members a way to blog for a couple of months and occasionally I come across a staff or faculty blog. However, I think the Temple University Library Blog is definitely the first departmental blog to appear at the university. Kudos to everyone behind the initiative cause I’m certain that others will eventually join suit. To help keep track of this list I’m going to try and compile an unofficial list of Temple University Blogs:

  1. Temple University Library Blog
    – Launched February 2005
  2. Temple University Community Blog
    – Launched June 2001
  3. Disability Studies at Temple University
    – Launched May 2004
  4. CaffiNation – Podcast by Paul Muller
    – Launched January 2006
  5. Add your Temple University Blog/ Podcast to the unofficial list by leaving a comment below.