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Unable to find “Adobe PDF” resource files

When you try to convert a Microsoft Office document to a PDF document by clicking on File – Create PDF – From File Adobe Acrobat returns an error, “Unable to locate the following Adobe PDF settings file or other resources: [filepath].” (Example: Unable to find “Adobe PDF” resource files. “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Adobe PDF 6.0\Settings\.joboptions” )

The proposed solution is to refresh the conversion settings for Microsoft Office documents. To do this:

  1. In Acrobat, choose Edit – Preferences
  2. Select Convert to PDF, select Microsoft Office, and then click Edit Settings
  3. Click OK to close the Adobe PDF Settings dialog box, and then click OK to close the Preferences dialog box
  4. Exit
  5. Restart Adobe Acrobat

Source: Adobe Technical Support


21 thoughts on “Unable to find “Adobe PDF” resource files”

  1. Appreciate that help…But I tried that, and it did not help the situation…in this user situation I am dealing with, it seems to be looking for a (ASCII Square symbol).joboptions file. After I did this refresh as outlined above, it still did that! But thanks anyway…

    Lyal Shoff

  2. I have been sent 3 files, IMT Low.joboptions, IMT Mid.joboptions and IMT High.joboptions. I was told to put them into my joboptions folder in Acrobat Distiller. I am running version 7.0 on a mac. When I downloaded these files onto the desktop and double-clicked them, they seemed to store themselves automatically into the Distiller. I don’t know where the joboptions folder is… is it something you have to set up?

    If you can help that would be great.



  3. I was getting the same error when printing from filemaker 8.5. There was no entry for filemaker, so I followed the above instructions for office, restarted filemaker, and it worked.

  4. This suggestion didn’t work but simply using the “Convert to Adobe PDF” button on the toolbar did. After using the button I could go back to selecting Adobe PDF as the printer.

  5. I have 9.3.0, and I still have issues. I can’t convert PDF from file because I keep getting this damn error.

  6. It’s not helping me either. I also used to be able to convert a Word document to PDF simply by right clicking on the unopened Word document and selecting “Convert to Adobe PDF.” For some reason, I no longer have that option either.

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