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Slash vs. Backslash

During many conversations, I’ve heard people refer to the backslash as the slash or the slash that is above the Enter key. Sometimes people even incorrectly refer to the slash or forwardslash as the backslash. Confused? Unsure?

The slash or forwardslash is /.
The backslash is \.

If it helps, picture the backslash as a line leaning backward.


1 thought on “Slash vs. Backslash”

  1. This is incorrect. In a windows world that is correct, however on a TYPEWRIGHTER (remember those old things? before computers? Yea, that big thing that makes a lot of noise when you hit the keys and doesnt have a backspace key.) a “\” is a slash because we as americans write from left to right and a “/” backslash because you right it backwards.

    At least thats the way my highschool typing teacher told me, I could be wrong.

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