I’m hearing a lot about Brightcove and an alum from my college recently started working at the company too. If you’re looking for companies to watch this is probably one of them.

From Engadget’s interview with Jerremy Allaire, founder of Brightcove and former Chief Technology Officer at Macromedia, “Brightcove is building an online service and a retail internet television platform that will allow any rights holder and publisher of video and television products to offer direct to consumer distribution of those products with multiple forms of monetization”.

Upgrading SPSS on a Macintosh

If you’re trying to upgrade SPSS on a Macintosh running OS X.x, try one of the following:

SPSS 10 License Upgrade on a Macintosh

SPSS 11 License Upgrade on a Macintosh

The License Renewal utility also ships on the SPSS 11 CD-ROM. Insert the SPSS 11 CD into your Macintosh and once mounted you will find the License Renewal Utility in the SPSS 11 volume. Double click on this License Renewal Utility and you will be prompted for the new license code. Click on the ‘Update’ button to check the status of the new license code or you can click on the ‘OK’ button to apply the new license code to your SPSS 11 for Mac OS X installation.