Google Earth

I was reading about Google Earth yesterday and postponed installing it until Mike would not stop bragging about the product. So minutes after installing Google Earth, I am now one of many who think that Google beat Microsoft to market in yet another area. While Microsoft announced Virtual Earth at D3, I can use Google Earth today. Yet by being first to the market Google has effectively forced Microsoft to offer Virtual Earth with similar or better features. Thankfully competition in this market environment has greatly favored the end user. If you haven’t tried out Google Earth take a second and try a fly over your home town.

Airlines providing RSS

It looks like the airline industry is gradually entering the syndication market. Either that or my preferred airline is slow to the market. I frequently fly Northwest Airlines, primarily because of their partnership with Kenya Airways which gets me into Zambia for the cheapest fare possible. However, finding cheap fares to Africa is generally not an easy task when using the various online travel search engines. However, now that Northwest Airlines provides RSS feeds on their latest fare promotions, travel offers and other partner offers it may just make life a tad easier. Nice.

Source: Northwest Airlines RSS Feeds

100 Best Places to Work in IT 2005

The annual Computer World survey of best places to work in IT has just been released. You may need to register to view the sorted listing of organizations, but topping the list is Quicken Loans Inc. based in Livonia, Michigan. One trend that I believe will gradually start to increase is the appearance of educational institutions on this list. Temple University, my employer, is one of the three that has made this years Top 100 Places to Work in IT. This is in addition to a ranking earlier last year as one of America’s Most Connected Campus. While rankings are subject to controversy, they do so much more to improve morale and will always continue to be a coveted prize by the marketing department.

MSN Video

While you’re checking out video search engines such as Google Video or Yahoo! Video take a second to check out MSN Video. MSN who? Yes, MSN, the division of Microsoft that’s been cranking out tons of new web applications. Although not integrated with MSN Search, the MSN Video site still has a nice interface and access to lots of media. How long will it be before they allow users to submit their own content or start indexing media content?