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Reliance India

I generally stray away from recommending calling cards and now with the advent of companies like Vonage and products like Skype, gone are the days of relying on the long distance plans. However, with various connections in India I often find myself caught between not wanting to spend money on a long distance plan and regretting the choice of a cheap phone card. Enter Reliance India Call, a calling card service offered by Reliance Infocomm Limited (India’s largest cellular service provider) to residents in the United States and Canada. Reliance is India’s only private company in the Fortune 500. (You can read more about Reliance and the ongoing split in Aaman Lamba’s post.)

Thanks to a recommendation from a colleague at work, I now enjoy the luxury of no call drops, no lags and no echoes. Since Reliance owns their own global network you not only get instant connectivity but also superior voice clarity. Reliance has taken their service a step further by offering 12.9c/ minute charges and no extra charges for maintenance fees, connection fees or weekly service fees. Last but not least, their website allows you to setup the service to automatically recognize your telephone number so you don’t have to remember or write down that 11 digit PIN number. Now if only I could find a similar service to make calls to Zambia.

For more information about this phone card service visit Reliance India Call