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Has anyone used Autodriveaway or a similar service to drive a car between two destinations? Autodriveaway offers a cheap service to transport vehicles by pairing a driver with a vehicle that needs to be transported between locations.

In this request I’m trying to see if it’s worth going through the process required to be accepted as a qualified driver as opposed to just renting a car from one of the umpteen car rentals.


5 thoughts on “Autodriveaway”

  1. I used this service for years.With the proper planing you can travel almost in where in the USA.As to the qualifing. I haven’t used the service in many years, but I always found their process to be reasonable, after all they are putting you in charge of a clients car.

  2. Robin&Joan, Australia.

    My wife and I used Autodriveaway in 2004, we drove New York to Los Angeles via Atlanta and Phoenix. The ammount of time and extra mileage allowed was generous and that gave us the opportunity to have a relaxed trip with plenty of side excursions. It’s a service that I would recommend to anyone who’s travel arrangements are flexible and don’t mind what vehicle they drive, we were lucky enough to have had an 03 Chevy Tahoe and an almost new Pontiac Bonneville.
    The rules then were a US$300 refundable deposit, passport for foreign travellers and obviously a current drivers licience, I think they now require a driving history statement from your home country, no big deal considering that they entrusting you with someone elses vehicle.
    We are planning to do it again in October this year, this time going San Francisco to New York.

  3. Hi..had a friend that did it and they said it was brill. lovely car, loads od time to see and enjoy the USA.
    HOWEVER I have been unable to get onto autodriveaway web site. Do they have problems? all the best Nick Pineger

  4. Just to add a positive remark about AutoDriveAway. In 2001 morning of Sept 11 I was so lucky to obtain a new Toyota Fore Runner from AutoDriveAway in Denver CO and drive it to Miami Fl, within a couple hundred miles of my home. Since public transportation was limited and all airports closed, I felt very lucky indeed, it was the only car they had left at the Denver office. I have used their service several times in the past and have always been totally satisfied with the service.

  5. Just to add a late response to you inquiry. Autodriveaway is the way to go if you have the time to spare. First you must have a valid driver’s license and $300.oo refundable deposit. then you must make sure that you tell the company that you will need extra miles and extra time to get there. They will allow you extra days and milages if you request it up front, no charge. But if you fail to advise them of the extra milage you can be liable at .25cent per mile. Also if you are returning or going in another direction you can havethem check to see if there is anything going your way. All in all not bad considering you receive the first tank of gas free, the rest is on you. So plan your trip early, go on line at to view all their available cars and locations.

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