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The North American Solar Challenge

Messiah College just finished the 2005 Solar Splash – an annual solar boat racing and design competition. Unfortunately, this year they will not be participating in the American Solar Challenge – the annual solar car racing and design competition. Nevertheless, I’m hoping at least one of the teams blog about the race. While at Messiah, this was definitely one of the most all round activities I had participated in, competitive not only on the race course but also in terms of the application of technology and real-world in every sense of the word. From scouting for sponsors and developing marketing material, to working with the heads-up display and memories of lots and lots of all-nighters. Every one of those days was devoted to the cause of helping develop a car that would run on solar power. If you get a chance, I urge you to stop by and show your support for a local university’s racing car, especially considering that gas prices aren’t showing any signs of decrease.