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One of my colleagues asked me what news aggregator I used and if I saved time by subscribing to specific RSS feeds. I wish there was a feature in Bloglines that would help answer the question because I’ve lost track of the number of hours I’ve saved as a result of using Bloglines. Furthermore, the ability to save and search through previous subscriptions constantly helps me find things that I would have lost in the traditional browser.

From the description, Bloglines is a free online service that helps you subscribe to and manage lots of web information, such as news feeds, weblogs and audio. Bloglines tracks the information you�re interested in, retrieves new stuff as it happens, and organizes everything for you on your own personal web news page.

If you’re looking for a news aggregator I would definitely recommend Bloglines, although My Yahoo!, MSN’s Start, Newsgator, FeedDemon, Google Personal and RSS Bandit are just some of the various programs or services that can help with RSS feed subscription and reading.


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