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How would Zambia get back into ownership by the Government of Zambia? You may or may not remember a Virtual Countries, Inc. verses Republic of South Africa lawsuit regarding the domain name and how the Republic of South Africa demanded the domain name from the registrants. Unliked this approach, I believe the country should rather take the more amicable way yet constantly run into an ethical dilemma on right of ownership. Am I even right in considering that this should be worth trying for as my only basis for argument is that the domain is currently used merely as a placeholder for various advertisements. Shouldn’t such a valuable domain name be used for helping a country that is trying to ride a new wave of development? Do you even need a domain name to promote new initiatives from the country when you really should let these initiatives speak for themselves? Thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

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  1. Good point, you may have to bear in mind that people who have registered have no moral obligations.

    This is a UN issue, lets start the campaign.

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  3. Attn: Zambians,

    Lets not be denied the chance to be happy enjoy the weathy our mother Zambia has, As a youth lets vote into govt people who will be able to deliver especially to the Youths like me. We need a govt which will empower us, create employment than a govt which likes eating.

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