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The Centipede

I’ve been putting off getting my apartment sprayed or fumigated or whatever it is that the pest killers do, but these house centipede’s (See Below) are really starting to annoy me. They’re only about an inch long and you could easily stomp on them but they blend so well with brown carpeting and their long legs paint a vicious picture. I only come across one or two every summer, but it’s enough to lead me to believe that there’s a nest somewhere close by and if I don’t take adequate preventive measures it’s going to end up being an infestation of some sorts – think next Hollywood lackluster titled The Centipede. Thankfully, the spraying/ fumigation/ pest killing is a free service from my apartment complex and I’m hoping that it’ll be a lesson for any other insects that this apartment is not hospitable for their kind.

House Centipede

Source: House Centipede from the University of Arkansas

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