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The Red Couch

Shel Israel and Robert Scoble have been working on a book titled ‘How Blogs are Changing the Way Businesses Talk with Customers’. I’ve liked their authoring process especially how they’ve opened up a channel for suggestions and criticism by putting chapters of the forthcoming book on The Red Couch. In chapter 11, one of the few that I took some time to read, the authors list various pointers and tips to ensure that you’re following a path that others have tread on to establish a good blog. As the authors point out, the chapter is definitely not a listing of best practices or the rules by which to establish a good blog, yet it does contain a number of tips that I definitely thought would be very appropriate depending on the type of blog that you’re working toward. In my opinion blogging is like a journey to an unknown destination. How you choose to get there can involve various paths – some you take and enjoy the roses on the way, others you wish you had that GPS device to help you get back on track. This chapter is one of those that can make that journey a bit easier. So like all good bloggers I ‘borrowed’ a tip from the chapter and have now changed my blog settings to ensure that all blog posts from this point forward will have comments included. As this journey progresses I’ll continue to evaluate and incorporate other tips from Chapter 11 of Blogs are Changing the Way Businesses Talk with Customers. The list of tips and my current progress:

Tip #1: What�s in a name? Search Results, that�s what – Done
Tip #2: Read a bunch of blogs before you start – Continuous process
Tip #3: Keep it Simple. Keep it focused – Trying to do
Tip #4: Demonstrate passion – Trying to do
Tip #5: Show your authority – Trying to do
Tip #6: Add Comments – Done
Tip #7: Be accessible – Partially accessible
Tip #8: Tell A Story – Trying to do
Tip #9: Link often – Trying to do
Tip #10: Get Out into the Real World – Not yet attempted
Tip #11: Use your referrer log – Trying to do