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Unknown Error C00D11CD

Problem #1.

Earlier this weekend I was attempting to repair a certain issue with Internet Explorer that crashes the browser when trying to click on links in a page. By trying various repair options such as the System File Checker (sfc /scannow), disable Internet Explorer Add-ons and even the obligatory spyware scans I thought I would be able to blaze through the repair process. After failing to resolve the problem using these methods I ended up repairing Windows XP using the CD. Everything seemed to be working fine until I started trying to play various songs that I had purchased from MSN Music.

Problem #2.

No music is no fun especially when I’m trying to burn a CD for a road trip this weekend. I could not acquire the license nor could I get any meaningful error message other than ‘Unknown Error C00D11CD’. After removing Windows Media Player 10 and then reinstalling it again I think I may have temporarily fixed this problem. However, now that my music plays the Internet Explorer issue appears to have resurfaced.

Problem #3.

I think it’s about time for the scheduled six monthly Windows XP weekend rebuild experience. This is not going to be a fun episode because I’m caught between classes and other things that should not equal ‘rebuilding your computer’. If only I were on the Microsoft Vista beta I would have a definite reason to actually proceed with a rebuild. Windows XP is so 20th century now.