Remote Desktop to Pocket PC

I’ve been searching for an easy way to remote desktop to a Pocket PC and finally stumbled upon an article by Werner ‘Menneisyys’ Ruotsalainen comparing and contrasting SOTI Pocket Controller, dotPocket and ActiveSync Remote Display. The first two programs are commercial and so I probably won’t be reviewing either one, however, the free power toy from Microsoft has definitely worked well for me and the only limitation that I’ve encountered so far is not having the option to paste contents between clipboards (Shared Synchronized Clipboards). The article titled Accessing the Pocket PC on a PC is definitely a good read for anyone with a vested interested in the Pocket PC platform.

MSN Screensaver

MSN is rolling its wheels and extending the functionality of the MSN Toolbar with a new screensaver option. With the screen saver you can personalize photos, news items and even custom weather information from MSN. I tried to setup the RSS feed option to display my blog but ran into some problems with the feed (Atom) not being recognized or supported. The screensaver also displays new Hotmail messages and MSN conversations you currently have and can also be used to display the MSN Space of anyone you choose. The screensaver is currently in beta and can be downloaded from MSN Screen Saver (Beta)

MSN Weather

If you’re tracking latest additions from MSN, check out the new MSN Weather. I’m quite sure MSN never had a section of their site devoted to weather information but either way better late than never – especially when you make it so easy to toggle between celcius and fahrenheit. Does anyone else think that there are one to many search boxes on the page?

Internet Phone Products

Skype is offering 10 free minutes of outgoing call credit. In its basic free offering, Skype allows you to make free calls over the internet to anyone else who also has Skype. Since Skype is available for Windows, Linux, PocketPC and Mac OS X the user base has grown in exponential fashion. Furthermore, the quality of the product has driven a free marketing campaign for the company. With additional add-ons you can extend the functionality of Skype to include voice mail services, your own choice of a telephone number, and the ability to make calls to any phone in the world ( e.g Public Switched Telephone Network). Skype-Out is one such add-on that allows you to make calls to regular phone numbers. In order to claim the 10 free minutes, after signing into your Skype account and click on the promotional banner. As soon as I get Virtual PC setup I intend to test Gizmo – another competitor in the Internet phone marketplace. With the constant increase of outsourcing in the customer service market and organizations striving to cut down operating costs even further it’s probably only a matter of time before companies like Vonage (The broadband phone company) or products like Skype and Gizmo take over as the preferred method of telecommunications in various sectors.