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What is Aurora Spyware?

Short of calling Aurora the worst nightmare when dealing with spyware it helps to see the product in the eyes of the public relations contact at Direct Revenue – creators of the Aurora network.

Direct Revenue today announced the launch of its newest ad client, Aurora�. The Aurora ad client is designed to improve product visibility and consumer services. The roll out of the upgrade to the DR behavioral network began on April 5th by replacing outdated ad clients in an effort to improve consumer awareness. Like other DR ad client brands such as “SolidPeer”, released in September ’04 and “Ceres” released in November ’05, the Aurora Ad Client is compliant with the branding and removal standards of all major proposed Federal legislation relating to online contextual ads such as HR 2929.

Direct Revenue CTO Dan Doman said, “From a technology standpoint, Aurora represents a leap forward in connecting consumers to advertisers.” The Aurora launch follows the January debut of Direct Revenue’s MyPCTuneUp�, a technical support feature that helps Direct Revenue customers with technical issues including removing software from their PC.

Direct Revenue CEO Joshua Abram said, “Aurora and MyPCTuneUp demonstrate our commitment to providing advertising partners, clients and consumers the best possible experience in behavioral marketing and search.”

Source: Direct Revenue Launches Aurora

However, after spending a number of hours trying to remove Aurora from a client’s computer I struggle to see how this product can be perceived with the same view or vision. My hours of frustration with Aurora lead me to believe that the so-called customer ends up being a hapless victim and the hours of frustration I experienced is directly proportional to the financial gain for Direct Revenue.