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The Ultimate Listener

Yesterday I received an email from a Hotmail Product Manager asking if I was still having trouble with connecting to Hotmail via Outlook/ Outlook Express. I was baffled; my blog post about my negative experience with Hotmail was heard and after a couple of e-mail exchanges my problem was resolved. Although, a large part of this solution was probably because of my beta testing experience with Microsoft, I’d like to think that that Aditya Bansod took time to listen to my feedback and act on it, and ultimately reflect very, very positively on the new ultimate listener on the block – Microsoft.

As I blogged about earlier, I think that a company that is willing to exceed the wants and expectations of the customer ultimately wins the battle. In my opinion a listening company encourages constructive feedback back to the company and also creates massive positive word-of-mouth advertising. After this experience you’re going to have to work twice as hard to get me to switch to a competitor’s product and to any company customer loyalty is the ultimate prize.

Thank you Aditya for listening and solving my Hotmail problem. It seems like the new team working on the Kahuna/ Mail Beta is dedicated to changing the service lockin perception and has already laid an amazing foundation to support this change.

3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Listener”

  1. Help! I’ve got the same problems and I can’t seem to get the idiot morons at MS Support to understand the problem. Who do I need to email to get this fixed?

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