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Dvorak Keyboard Layout

At work today I happened to be introduced to my first laptop actually setup with the Dvorak keyboard layout. Never heard of it? How about a visual reminder?

Look familiar? Apparently, according to Gillian Grassie, the client I was helping, the keyboard is setup and adapted to the English language. As a result, most users who end up switching from ‘QWERTY’ style keyboards enjoy increases in typing speed, higher accuracy of typed words and most of all greater comfort because of the placement and balance of letters.

Either way because of the way my work environment is structured I doubt if I’d be able to switch to this keyboard layout anytime soon, but nevertheless at least I have some of Gillian’s music to listen to while contemplating the move – music that apparently blends folk, pop, jazz, rock, latin and Celtic influences under a sweet but intense soprano.

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Dvorak Keyboard Layout

2 thoughts on “Dvorak Keyboard Layout”

  1. Hey I’ve heard about the Dvorak Keyboard Layout several times, but never tried it. I didn’t know it was a configurable setting in Windows, and always thought I’d have to download something. Yesterday was a slow day at work so I printed labels and covered my keyboard was new letters. I move work stations a lot so I was concerned about it traveling with my profile. It does! Well sort of. You have to login using the standard keyboard layout, then you can set up a keyboard shortcut (Alt+Shift+3) to toggle between Dvorak and the standard layout. I think I’ll be able to pick it up pretty quick, but haven’t switched completely over yet.

  2. Hey Andrew please let me know how it goes. I’m a bit reluctant to make the transition right now but if you notice significant improvements I’d definitely consider it. Can you imagine playing a trick on someone and reconfiguring their keyboard to the Dvorak layout?

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