Earlier this week Don told me about Ewido as ‘the’ product to use for spyware/ virus removal. For some reason Symantec Antivirus could not remove a trojan called Vundo. The Ewido tool worked great but what annoys me is that you now have to use an umpteen number of products just to disinfect a computer. So now you have the standard, Ad-Aware, Spybot, Microsoft Antispyware and Zone Labs has also decided to spice up this mix by introducing a new spyware removal application called ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware. Talk about choices.

Share The Pain

Imagine if you could implement a new application error reporting breakthrough from Microsoft. An error reporting service that would help your development group write better applications. An error reporting service that helps reduce the number of applications that keep failing or generate errors that make you ask why. If you’re looking for this service, watch the Microsoft We Share Your Pain video to learn more about this advance in Dr. Watson’s error reporting.