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Yahoo! Podcasts

Yahoo! has just launched the Yahoo! Podcast page allowing you to search and listen to podcasts. One thing that I’ve noticed with Yahoo! is how they go the extra mile to educate customers on new technologies. Infact, this spirit of education was made most obvious when Yahoo! invested in Wikipedia by providing free hardware and other services to the foundation. Last year when the amount of phishing scams was beginning to peak I remember how Yahoo! Security Center had really explained the basics of online security to its audience when all the other major portals had taken a more laissez faire approach.

It’ll be interesting to see how podcasts evolve now that both Apple and Yahoo are promoting podcasts all over their music players. Will entire industry segments be forced to start offering new content just to be placed on these music directories and attract new audiences? How soon before the West Philadelphia Vineyard Community Church puts up podcasts of their sermons and worship online?