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The new Hotmail

If you haven’t already jumped ship to GMail or the Yahoo! Mail Beta, then head over to the Hotmail Beta Conversion site to request conversion of your existing account to the new Kahuna interface. Kahuna was the code name given to the overhaul of Hotmail that was written from the ground up to be a more functional and productive web mail client. The list of enhancements as listed on the Mail Beta Features page is small but rest assured this is a subset of the hundred of enhancements that you’ll experience when using the new interface. Some of these enhancements include:

– Reading Pane
Quick and instant previews of messages

– The Information Bar
Information bar provides you with single click actions to report spam or approve known senders. During the beta test, the information bar also generated error logs that you could use to submit directly to Microsoft.

– Anti-Phishing
This feature alone will be a godsend as it clearly marks known / unknown senders and will be a significant step in preventing the increase in phishing scams.

– Right click
One click action to delete, forward, reply, print or view source. A massive time saver that you wonder how you managed without.

– Drag and Drop

– Address AutoComplete

– Keyboard Shortcuts

– Rich Text Editing

– Growing Storage

– Save Sent Mail