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Bonte Philadelphia

The one day of sunshine all this week was more reason to go into the city hunting for a pair of new shoes. Always a fan for waffles, Lil and I stopped by Bonte Philadelphia at 130 South 17th Street to try out authentic Belgian waffles. While the service wasn’t the best to speak for, the wireless Internet and the availability of Loacker snacks made up for this. Besides, the Belgian waffles are to die for.

2 thoughts on “Bonte Philadelphia”

  1. Bonte does have good food, but service is slower than
    molasses and there are never any seats. i have to
    eat lunch in my car while people sit at the Bonte tables
    (3 tables the other day) eating sandwiches from WAWA,
    chips and cokes from WAWa also. using the internet and
    hanging for hours, the one guy actually only drank water.
    when the person who waited on me asked if it was for
    here or to go, i said ‘well there is never any place to
    sit’. he actually smirked at me.
    i guess that i should take my Bonte food across the
    street to YOGI’s and see if they will let me eat it
    at one of their tables !! my money spends anywhere,
    i think i will start having lunch at restaurants where
    i can sit. my morning coffee will always come from
    PHila JAVA where the service is fast, pleasant always.
    and there is always a place to sit because the customers
    are polite enough to know that it isn’t a library and
    they shouldn’t abuse the kindness of free internet offered.

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