Rittenhouse Sports Specialties Philadelphia

If you’re looking for shoes in Philadelphia make sure you visit Rittenhouse Sports Specialties located on 132 S. 18th Street. Karen McGovern who runs the store will not only recommend shoes based on the type of activity you intend to use it for but also help point out shoes based on your walking style. After checking out City Sports and Philadelphia Runner I found the exact pair I was looking for and left walking out with my new shoes. Great service, excellent selection and decent pricing.

Bonte Philadelphia

The one day of sunshine all this week was more reason to go into the city hunting for a pair of new shoes. Always a fan for waffles, Lil and I stopped by Bonte Philadelphia at 130 South 17th Street to try out authentic Belgian waffles. While the service wasn’t the best to speak for, the wireless Internet and the availability of Loacker snacks made up for this. Besides, the Belgian waffles are to die for.

Dr. Heywood Kotch

When it comes to dentists, I’ve got a pretty good sense of a good dental experience verses a bad one. A sense developed from umpteen visits to dentists in Zambia, India and now in the United States. These visits have allowed me to come up with the simple good verses bad experience philosophy.

A bad experience is when you’re on the dental chair and don’t know what on earth is going on in your mouth. When the dentist is filling a cavity with no regard for the pain you’re going through. A bad experience is when every visit to the dentist comes with the free pain package and an extra serving of total neglect for the pain your patient is going through. As long as that cavity is filled the dentist has done his or her job of preserving another one of your teeth. 1 Cavity = 1 Cavity Filling + Free Pain Package.

A good experience is when you visit Dr. Heywood Kotch. The whole experience revolves around keeping you comfortable as you are provided with care for neglecting basic principles of dental hygiene. Care, that goes the extra mile to explain exactly what’s going on, that worries about payments after you get your service and that sends you friendly reminders and holiday greetings. 1 Cavity = 1 Cavity Filling + Free Customer Service.