The console serial number you entered has already been registered

In the spirit of the Xbox 360 launch I renewed my Xbox Live service for an additional year and started the process of converting/ setting up my Xbox Forums account and encountered the following error message when trying to register my console:

The console serial number you entered has already been registered

Okay. I pull out all my paperwork and confirm that the console number is registered under my name and that the Xbox service contract is valid through 2006. Assuming this will be an easy fix, I call Xbox ‘Top-Quality Service’ at (800) 469-9269. Within a few minutes, it becomes apparent that the console is actually registered under my name but isn’t listed on the Xbox website under Console Registration. Is it only me, or could the wording of the error message be changed to indicate that the console was actually registered under my name? Or, would it be possible to actually display the consoles registered under my name?

Google Analytics

When discussing Google’s purchase of Urchin, I highly recommended Urchin because of it’s easy to use feature set and amazing set of reports that were accessible via Urchin. Late last week, Google relaunched the Urchin service, as Google Analytics, dropping the price to $0 and requiring a Google Account to setup a site and use the service.

I’ve been trying to get setup on Google Analytics but haven’t generated any reports worthy of being shared. Perhaps once the site┬áre-launches I’ll have something more report worthy.