A Solution for SEPTA

SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transporation Authority) recently resumed service after a week of strike. The strike brought public transportation on Philadelphia subways and buses to a halt forcing many Philadelphia and surrounding county residents to opt for other transportation methods.

Around the same time, in South Africa, angry passengers recently burnt 26 train carriages in protest of service delays. While I’m definitely not advocating this method, can you imagine what would happen if SEPTA passengers tried to solve the employee labor disputes using similar methods?


Angry SA Passengers Burn Trains


On January 6, 2000 a group of musicians and music-loving technologists came together with the idea of creating the most comprehensive analysis of music ever. Their work resulted in the The Music Genome Project.

Today I finally had a chance to sample the efforts of their work through Pandora – a program that’s designed to help me discover new music that I’m supposed to love. The experience so far has been quite interesting. After adding Third Day and Newsboys to my radio station I got Lazy Days by Robbie Williams. Apparently there’s some ‘genetic’ connection.

TomTom GO 300

Earlier this year Santa paid me an early visit and gifted me the wonderful TomTom GO 300 – a device that completely solved all those future instances of ‘getting lost’, of ‘not wanting to explore a city’ and of so many other embarrassing ‘arriving late situations’.

The TomTom device is an advanced global positioning system that is packaged into a well designed casing and bundled with a feature set that really make this my favorite owned electronice device for 2005. (The Xbox topped the list in 2004). Some of these compelling features include:

– Plug and go ease of use. I turned the device on and was ready to go in less than a minute.

– Updating maps is a piece of cake because of the SD Card. However, the first problem I noticed with this approach was during my road-trip to Canada and having to switch SD cards while crossing the border. The included 1GB card only contains maps for the United States. Maps for Canada and Puerto Rico are included on the CD. All other maps need to be purchased before use.

– Simple interface, simple settings, simple navigation, simple mounts, simple cable additions

Overall, I’m definitely pleased with the device and couldn’t be happier on not having to use Hertz rentals when in a new city.