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Moving to WordPress

For a while I had taken the approach of letting a company such as Google (Blogger) manage the blogging framework I needed while allowing me more time to handle content and hosting issues. After signing up with MidPhase Hosting I had the opportunity to test products like WordPress and TypePad for a blogging framework to be used with a customer’s website. Infact at one point this customer’s website ran exclusively on WordPress and allowed me to battle between a love/ hate feeling toward the whole product. However, in December 2005, shortly before my trip to Texas I wanted to release a template update for my site only to deal with Blogger’s frustrating publishing feature that kept timing out. This was the 10th or 11th time that this time out issue had happened in the last year and finally decided to start the process of moving my personal blog to WordPress. When I heard that WordPress was nearing a December 2.0 release and was going to include a number of enhancements that had previously been a stumbling block for me I decided to wait until the start of the new year and update my blog. If you can read this post then the process of moving to WordPress has begun. Wish me luck.

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