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Money Orders

Online convenience has become such a necessity in my life that it really bothers me that people selling on eBay still refuse to accept Paypal. Aside from the Paypal fee, the increasing number of Paypal phishing scams and Paypal always siding with the wrong party during a transaction dispute, there are times when Paypal just works.

An auction I recently won only accepts money orders or cashiers checks, and the first thought that struck my mind was why didn’t I take time to read the payment method description. I half expected that USPS would allow me to send an electronic money order of some sort but sadly that’s not an option. Now, the amount of extra time I need to spend filling out a paper form, finding an envelope and dealing with the very pleasant service at the university post office makes the entire process such a hassle. So much for trying to save some money with this online auction.

1 thought on “Money Orders”

  1. one time a winning bidder wanted to send a cashier’s check for $500 more than the bid ($250) and then asked me to send the remainder back to them in a regular check. Many people have actually fallen for this one.

    Needless to say, I offered the next-highest bidder a chance to buy through paypal.

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