Windows Live Expo

I just received confirmation that Windows Live Expo is now live and available for use. Windows Live Expo is a classifieds listing service that allows you to buy, sell or trade stuff, post jobs, services or announcements – all for free. Craigslist competitor?

After trying it out for the past few minutes, I think Microsoft has done a great job with their first entry into the classifieds listing area. I’d be even happier if someone ended up buying my Office 2003 CD that is currently available on the Windows Live Expo site.

Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail release M5 is scheduled to be released shortly. According to Steve Kafka’s post on the Windows Live Mail blog, the new release includes:

Hotmail Classic View

  • A way to view mail for clients using a browser other than Internet Explorer 6 or higher. Includes a number of features from the current Hotmail site that clients are familiar with

Pick Your Own Colors

  • Customization, personaliation and everything else to brand Windows Live Mail as your product. I honestly believe that the real reason this feature is being included is to support pending enhancements from the Windows Live Custom Domains team.

Offline Mail

  • Another Outlook Express client? I’m not sure what this is and hope to test out the product when it’s officially launched

New User Wizard

  • Windows Live Mail is being ramped up for end user support?

Configurable Reading Pane

Outlook-Like Shortcuts

Contact Picker/ Find in Contacts

  • Windows Live Messenger styled Contacts search. Allows you to instantly search your entire contacts list for information that pertains to your search query.

Spaces Integration

Custom Filter

  • Finally. It was becoming such a pain having to forward and move messages

Easy Empty Folder

iPod Hi-Fi

In typical Steve Jobs fashion, Apple announced a new Intel Mac Mini with Front Row and iLife 06. The iTunes store recently sold its 1,000,000,000 song and iPods continue to dominate the MP3 market with  a 78% marketshare and finally the long awaited Apple boombox – marketed as iPod Hi-Fi.