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Inno Setup

I’ve talked earlier about the need for an internal messaging application and how the Help Desk decided to use a program called WiredRed e/Pop. After seeing the use of the application, some other offices recently decided that they would like to use the program and all of a sudden there was a need for a way to rapidly deploy the e/Pop application to over 60 workstations. Since WiredRed typically releases an update to the program once a year, the deployment method had to factor in updates for the application and also not involve multiple deskside support requests. To solve this problem we decided to create a custom setup file that could be updated and deployed across the group as and when needed. InstallShield was too expensive to use and after a couple of negative forum comments on NSIS the final choice was a program called Inno Setup. The choice proved invaluable as the setup script file was easy to create, compile and handled uninstallation problems and even the oddball Windows administrator requirements that setup programs typically require. However, the real test for Inno Setup is round the corner when the first series of e/Pop updates start happening. Anyone have any Inno Upgrade script tips?