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According to Google Analytics, my switch to WordPress resulted in a sudden increase in traffic and as a result a corresponding increase in spam. One of the first things I did after switching to WordPress was enabling comment moderation. This worked well for the first few hours and then I realized having to approve legitimate comments or delete spam was becoming a full time job. Thankfully, WordPress has a plugin called Akismet that is designed to eliminate spam. Akismet or Automatic Kismet is free for personal use provided you sign up on to get an API key. After activating the plugin, I can faithfully say that I have yet to deal with any false positives or negatives.

Google Analytics

1 thought on “Akismet”

  1. Indeed Akismet is the best antispam solution for wordpress that I have found. I keep meaning to use googles webstats as they are prettier than awstats and give infomation in such a nice and simple way…

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