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Office Live

Microsoft has just launched Office Live. Although, the rumors of Office Live made it seem like Microsoft was ready to launch a web based office suite to take on products such as Writely, the current beta is definitely not a web based office suite.

Microsoft Office Live is some of the following:

  • Easy-to-use Web site design tool
  • Free domain name and hosting
  • 5 personalized e-mail accounts
  • Storage and data transfer
  • Web site traffic analysis and reporting tools

If the above feature set integrates nicely with AdCenter and Custom Domains I think Microsoft will have a very attractive product for end clients and eventually a new market for advertising revenue.


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  1. leo, you tard… the best thing you can write about on st. stephanie’s day is some boring article on our corporate masters at microsoft? are you kidding me? alright buddy, you’ve got approx. one week to figure out something better to write about on my birthday this year. better make it good, or else! (may i offer that you either write about how awesome enya is or how damn lucky you are to have me as a friend.)

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