Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail release M5 is scheduled to be released shortly. According to Steve Kafka’s post on the Windows Live Mail blog, the new release includes:

Hotmail Classic View

  • A way to view mail for clients using a browser other than Internet Explorer 6 or higher. Includes a number of features from the current Hotmail site that clients are familiar with

Pick Your Own Colors

  • Customization, personaliation and everything else to brand Windows Live Mail as your product. I honestly believe that the real reason this feature is being included is to support pending enhancements from the Windows Live Custom Domains team.

Offline Mail

  • Another Outlook Express client? I’m not sure what this is and hope to test out the product when it’s officially launched

New User Wizard

  • Windows Live Mail is being ramped up for end user support?

Configurable Reading Pane

Outlook-Like Shortcuts

Contact Picker/ Find in Contacts

  • Windows Live Messenger styled Contacts search. Allows you to instantly search your entire contacts list for information that pertains to your search query.

Spaces Integration

Custom Filter

  • Finally. It was becoming such a pain having to forward and move messages

Easy Empty Folder