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Abbraccio Philadelphia

Earlier last week, The Coffee House of Friends were invited to an early birthday party for Mel. Since her parents were coming to town they decided to treat us to dinner at Abbraccio – an Italian restaurant located in West Philadelphia. It was quite funny to read that the name Abbraccio, the Italian word for “hug” or “embrace,” was chosen to reflect the partners’ fondness for the neighborhood in which they have lived for more than 25 years and most of all because the name also ensures that Abbraccio will be found towards the beginning of the restaurant listings in the Yellow Pages. Talk about product placement. I ended up getting Vitello Scalloppine Marsala which was essentially sauteed veal with mushrooms in a marsala sauce. The ambience in the restaurant and the great company more than made up for the tad bit of extra salt in my dish.

Either way, at the end of the evening, Mel’s parents shared two poems about our group. A poem that each of them had written earlier in the morning. I’m not sure about you, but when was the last time one of your friend’s parents wrote a poem on your circle of friends?

Mel’s Mom:

Some things are as special as special can be
Joy and laughter, times of glee
Hours spent lounging by the sea
Road tripping, sightseeing, naps at three
Biking, hiking, picnicking under a tree
Sharing thoughts over a cup of tea.

All these are made sweeter by the sharing
With those whose hearts are full of caring.
And so as parents to a daughter much loved
It makes us very happy to see
Melody has found harmony of heart of soul
With friends as lovely as all of thee…

Mel’s Dad:

There lives in Philly
A groupage of peeps
Diverse as from land and sea
And together they chill
At every weeks’ end
Known lovingly as: The Coffee House of Friends.
And I as a Dad
Of one of these few
Whose heart and whose soul love the Lord
Am grateful and am proud
That my little girl tends
To gather with her Coffee House of Friends.