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SMT 5600

YAY! I am now the proud owner of a Audiovox UTStarcom SMT 5600. (On November 30, 2005, UTStarcom  aquired the cellular subsidiary of Audiovox Corporation) The phone in all its gadget pride is displayed below:

SMT 5600

I’ve owned a Dell Axim X30 for slightly over a year and bought it initially to access the Internet when I was away from my office. Temple University has been ranked for two consecutive years as one of the most wired campuses in the nation and so there’s always an access point that is within reach. The connection worked flawlessly for basic surfing and synchronizing mail was a breeze. However, over time I realized that I rarely used the mobile versions of Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Furthermore, I kept hitting various obstacles, the biggest of which was that I could not make phone calls with the Axim and trying to use programs like Skype did not work because of various proxy issues. Most of all carrying both a phone and a PDA were becoming a bit too cumbersome.

So late last year I started looking at devices again and found more convincing evidence that I should be using a smartphone – a single device that integrated both phone capabilities with basic PDA functionality. After debating between Cingular’s 2125 and the SMT 5600 I finally settled for the SMT 5600 primarily because of the prize differential. It’ll be an interesting experiment in terms of device changes as I’m not the best with the whole T9 lifestyle. Nevertheless, I figure I should give it a shot and maybe over time I’ll save up enough for the Samsung’s SCG-i730 EV-DO Pocket PC. As for now, the fun of synchronizing my SIM card contacts with my Outlook contacts has begun.

Anyone looking for a Dell Axim X30?

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