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The Clueless Manifesto

I’ve been meaning to blog about ‘The Clueless Manifesto‘ but have been putting it off for a while. If you haven’t read the article I highly recommend it, not only for more tips on creating passionate users but also because of the humility you’ll experience. In one of my marketing classes I had written a paper about how an educational institution could create passionate alumni by changing the way students were treated while they were at the instituion. My paper highlighted elements such as customer satisfaction and customer relationship manament as key foundations for a more passionate alumni body. However, after reading The Clueless Manifesto I think I missed one of the most important elements. How do you identify the most passionate alums while he or she is still a student? Can every single student become a passionate alum?

The Clueless Manifesto talks about creating passionate users by encouraging the people who see things differently, the same people who are not fond of established rules and yet because of their power to change, their presence cannot be ignored. Kathy Sierra says, ‘Do not underestimate the clueless ones’, yet can this same thinking be applied in an educational environment to create passionate alumni?