DDoS on Joker.com

For the past six years I’ve registered a large number of domains through Joker.com. I once made the unfortunate mistake of registering domains through Network Solutions, and if I remember correctly, ended up paying over $30 for each of the domain names. Imagine my joy when domain prices were suddenly falling below $10. Crazy! Now, with registrar’s like GoDaddy offering private domain registrations I’ve decided that I should slowly start transferring some of my domains to another registrar. I guess I chose the wrong day to start the process as Joker.com is experiencing a massive distributed denial of service attack.

According to Netcraft, “Domain registrar Joker.com says its nameservers are under attack, causing outages for customers. More than 550,000 domains are registered with Joker, which is based in Germany. Any of those domains that use Joker’s DNS servers are likely to be affected.”

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