Return Receipts in Entourage

I’ve slowly started the move toward using a Power Mac G5 as my primary work computer. While installing and configuring Entourage earlier today I came across a tip for setting up Return Receipts in Entourage. The tip indicated that in order to enable return receipt requests for outgoing messages, you would have to customize your mail account so that every single outgoing message would automatically include an additional mail header titled ‘Disposition-Notification-To’ whose value was set to your e-mail address.

I have never been happier for not liking, or for not using return receipts with messages that I send.


Michael Robertson is at it again. With every monthly report he sends out he appears to be launching companies that challenge the product lines of dominant applications. For a while I used to think  he had a personal vendetta against Microsoft because of the whole Lindows saga. This week he’s announcing ajaxWrite – a browser based Word processor and apparently this string of launches will continue. Every Wednesday at 12:00 PST ajaxLaunch is supposed to be the launch pad for applications that replace popular software titles.

Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel for Windows XP

Earlier this week I was trying to install the Office 2007 Technical Refresh in preparation for further beta testing and started looking around for a way to mount the 1 GB .iso file as a virtual disk. Hat tip to Donny Mack for pointing out the Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel for Windows XP. From Donny’s blog:

Mounting ISO Files Virtually

The following tool for Windows XP allows image files to be mounted virtually as CD-ROM devices. This tool is provided here for your convenience, and is unsupported by Microsoft Product Support Services.

 You have no idea how much time this saved me.