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10 FALs on Firefox Extensions

As a reminder to myself, and a recommendation to others, if you’re using Firefox you may find some of these extensions useful. I’m hopeful that eventually I’ll have a list of 10 extensions that will complete a 10 FALs (Frequently Asked Links) series on Firefox Extensions.

  1. Tab Mix Plus
    – I was introduced to this extension by a colleague at work. Provides session management and every possible feature you could think of for tabbed browsing.
  2. AdBlock
    – A great utility to filter out advertisements and other content from a site.
  3. Session Saver
    – Saves everything in your browser environment and restores the state when you reopen Firefox.
  4. Clone Window
    – An extension that most Internet Explorer users look for to maintain content of a window when creating new instances of the browser window.
  5. SnapBack
    – Originally introduced by Safari, the SnapBack extension allows you to return to the point where you last typed a URL or selected a bookmark. Hat tip to Don for the SnapBack link.